George Washington's Prophetic Vision

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A dispirited George Washington at Valley Forge in the Winter of 1777, had been praying on a frequent basis. Apparently great men are intimate with humility. Sitting at his desk, he was about to write a dispatch. An angel appears, saying no more than "Son of the Republic, look and learn."

You can look up the details for yourself. In a nutshell the vision foretold the present revolution about which Washington had been praying and its positive outcome. Another crisis was to arise in the end of a century. It portrayed the American Civil War and its conclusion.

The final crisis depicted a great invasion of hordes from Africa and Asia and my recollection of a map Washington drew included the Middle East. This crisis was the worst of the three, with our cities and towns burned, our ranks broken and defeat at hand, when an invasion of angels join the battle, inspire the nearly defeated troops and drive out the invaders.

The bible sets forth a prophetic principle. If the prophecy is fulfilled as described, it is of God. Washington's vision shines a great light upon current events. 1.) The invading hordes are allied or united in their invasion. 2.) The map I recall showed their invasion of both coasts and the southern border. You know, the one with the great virtual fence. 3.) The biblical promise in the Book of Revelation the great planetary destruction to come would be by fire.

What is the cause of global warming? And where do those greenhouse gasses come from? And what propels all modern weapons of war? And what results from the use of the most powerful destructive weapons of war? What is the frequent result of drought? Think Western state Summers the past five years. In this prophetic vision, current events fall into place like pieces of a puzzle.

First, someone or something must unite the (foreign) enemies of America into an alliance. America's domestic enemies in national government have been working on this since the end of WW II. Some sixty years later we can see the invasion alliances taking shape. The unification of global Islam. The Chinese and Russian alliances with Iran. The White House and Israeli determination to cement this alliance and a rubber stamp Congress to make it all legal and official. Let's hear it for voting for change!

Global warming: The alarms are coming with increasing frequency. If drastic action is not taken quickly, the impending droughts will decimate world populations. The Book of Revelation forecasts a two thirds reduction in world population. Does this avert the climactic conditions or result from them? Will the surviving two billion of us, multiply or dwindle?

Believe it or not. There is yet time to read the writing on the wall. It is totally up to you how you spend that time. You can ignore the writing and carry on with your day to day as if nothing will change anytime soon. You can stand on the tracks to slow the runaway train of global destruction. You can wave your arms in protest and write your government representatives. You can plan to survive and stay away from the train. You can plan to be comfortable when the lights go out. Our judgment is at hand. A most fitting end to the Age of Man. Believe it or not.

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George Washington's Prophetic Vision

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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